Mc Roses Flat Back No Hot Fix Stones


Silver Foiled Flat Back Chaton Roses Stones, No Hot Fix

Material: Crystal

Size: Various available

Color: Clear Crystal Color

SS6 – SS20 Package in 10 Gross (1440 pieces)
SS30 Package in 2 Gross (288 pieces)
SS34 Package in 1 Gross (144 pieces)

Country of Manufacture: Egypt by Asfour

SKU: ASF762 DW201 Category:

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SS6 (2.00-2.10mm), SS8 (2.40-2.50mm), SS10 (2.80-2.90mm), SS12 (3.00-3.20mm), SS16 (3.80-4.00mm), SS20 (4.60-4.80mm), SS30 (6.32-6.50mm), SS34 (7.07-7.27mm)


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